Hearing Developmental Milestones

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All babies should receive a newborn hearing screen before being discharged from the hospital or by one month of age. Even if your baby passes the newborn hearing screen, it is still possible they can lose hearing later. It is important to watch your baby's development as they grow. Below are some things a baby with typical speech, language, and hearing should be able to do in the first year of life.

Birth to Three Months of Age

  • Blinks or jumps when there is a sudden loud sound
  • Turns head toward sounds
  • Quiets or smiles when spoken to
  • Makes sounds like "ohh" and "ahh"

Four to Six Months of Age

  • Looks for sounds with eyes
  • Uses many sounds, squeals, and chuckles
  • Responds to sounds by making sounds
  • Makes different sounds when excited or angry
  • Begins using consonant sounds like “m” and “b”

Seven Months to One Year of Age

  • Understands "no" or "bye-bye"
  • Babbles, for example "baba," "mamma," "gaga"
  • Repeats simple words and sounds you make
  • Correctly uses "mama" or "dada"
  • Responds to singing or music
  • Points to favorite toys and objects when asked

If you have questions about your baby's hearing or this list, talk with your baby's doctor.



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