2023-25 Budget Proposal

As part of our commitment to transparency, we're providing information on our 2023-25 Biennial Budget Proposal submitted to the Office of Financial Management (OFM). This is just the first step in the budget process. Next, OFM will take this and similar information from across state government and create the Governor's proposed budget.

2023-25 Biennial Budget Request

Read Secretary Shah's operating budget cover memo (PDF)

Maintenance Level

Fees to Main Services (PDF)

Local Funding Adjustment (PDF)

Proposed Fee Changes Detail (Excel)

Young Adult BH-Stepped Care Project (PDF)

Performance Level

Sustain of Watch Me Grow Program (PDF)

Care-A-Van & Mobile Health Services (PDF)

Public Outreach & Vital Health Info (PDF)

Restore TRUST to Public Health Info (PDF)

Sustain Public Health Laboratories (PDF)

Healthcare Data for Action (PDF)

Track Emerging Threats of Pregnancy (PDF)

Disease Investigation Surge Support (PDF)

Boost Review of Notifiable Diseases (PDF)

Improve Newborn Screening Timelines (PDF)

Death with Dignity Act (PDF)

HIV Pharmaceutical Drug Rebates (PDF)

Vital Records Data Modernizations (PDF)

Global One Health (PDF)

Healthy Environmental for All Act (PDF)

DWSRF Set Asides Allotment Increase (PDF)

Climate & Heath Program Expansion (PDF)

Drinking Water Consolidation Grants (PDF)

Options for Tainted Drinking Water (PDF)

Supporting Microenterprise Kitchens (PDF)

LOSS Program Improvements (PDF)

Drinking Water Technical Services (PDF)

COVID-19 Funding Gap (PDF)

Behavioral Health Agency Regulation (PDF)

Maintaining Access to Healthcare (PDF)

Medical Test Site Fees (PDF)

HELMS Project Continuation (PDF)

Upgrade Medical Cannabis Registry (PDF)

Improving Patient Safety Protection (PDF)

Patient Safety Resource Awareness (PDF)

Clear Hospital Complaint Backlog (PDF)

Maintain Core Public Health Systems (PDF)

Master Persons Index Expansion (PDF)

Continue Public Health Technology (PDF)

Address Increase Demand for Nurses (PDF)

Routine Immunizations Operations (PDF)

Care Connect Washington (PDF)

Cancer Screening & Prevention (PDF)

Improving Oral Health (PDF)

EHDDI Data System Modernization (PDF)

Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation (PDF)

Birth Equity Project (PDF)

Early Hearing Detection for Infants (PDF)

Secure Reproductive Health Services (PDF)

Maternal Infant Health (PDF)

Statewide Medical Logistics Center (PDF)

Continue Isolation & Quarantine (PDF)

State Medical Reserve Corps (PDF)

Foundational Public Health Services (PDF)

Increase Public Health Investments (PDF)

Technical Corrections (PDF)

WMC Licensing, Equity, & IMG Work (PDF)

Data Analysis for Public Health (PDF)