Budget Information


The Department of Health works to protect and improve the health of people in Washington state.

Agency Transformational Plan

The Transformational Plan is a call to action as the Department of Health moves forward toward a common vision of equity and optimal health for all. This plan provides a framework for setting strategic direction, informing decision-making, and measuring the impact of our services and activities.

We are making commitments in this plan that support our cornerstone values of equity, innovation, and engagement as we continue to emphasize community-informed and community-led initiatives; innovative and accessible data systems; creative ideas to expand and support our workforce, employees and public health workers at large; and the strengthening of our strategic partnerships across all sectors to maximize our collective impact in improving health.

The Transformational Plan focuses on five key priorities that are critical to the health and well-being of all Washingtonians:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Health Systems and Workforce Transformation 
  • Environmental Health 
  • Emergency Response and Resilience
  • Global and One Health


The Department of Health is responsible for a $2.4 billion 2023-25 biennial operating budget and the administration of 29 separate financial accounts. The agency's operating budget is made up of federal funds (25%) fee revenue (16%), General Fund-State (24%), COVID-19 funds (14%), and other dedicated funding (22%). Other dedicated funds are separate accounts whose money can be used for only specific purposes, such as the Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Care Systems Account.

Most of the funds the agency manages (64%) are invested with our partners in the local health jurisdictions and communities for direct service delivery.

2023-25 Biennial Operating Budget

Operating Budget by Fund

Below: This pie chart reflects total agency operating budget, including unassigned (unallotted) budget authority, such as federal authority for upcoming grants not yet received.

Pie chart showing Operating Budget breakdown

Operating Budget by Object Expenditure

Below: Pie chart showing the operating budget by object expenditure: investments through partners: 60%, salaries and benefits: 29%, all other: 11%.

Pie chart showing Operating Budget by Object Expenditure