2021-23 Budget Proposal

As part of our commitment to transparency, we're providing information on our 2021-23 Biennial Budget Proposal submitted to the Office of Financial Management (OFM). This is just the first step in the budget process. Next, OFM will take this and similar information from across state government and create the Governor's proposed budget.

2023 Supplemental Budget Request

Read Secretary Shah’s operating supplemental budget cover memo (PDF)

Maintenance Level

Fees to Maintain Services (PDF)

Proposed Fee Changes Detail (Excel)

Nurse Preceptor EA Adjustment (PDF)

MS MIH Opioid Supplemental (PDF)

Performance Level

Behavioral Health Agency Regulation (PDF)

Technical Corrections (PDF)

COVID-19 Funding Gap (PDF)

Monkeypox Response (PDF)

Cancer Supplemental (PDF)

2022 Supplemental Budget Request

Read Secretary Shah's operating budget cover memo (PDF)

Proposed Fees (PDF)

Maintenance Level

UDS System (PDF)

HELMS Project Budget (PDF)

Fees to Maintain Services (PDF)

Local Funding Adjustment (PDF)

Correct Technical Issues (PDF)

Performance Level

COVID-19 Contain the Spread (PDF)

Continue COVID-19 Vaccinations (PDF)

Improving Credentialing Performance (PDF)

Maintain Core Public Health Systems (PDF)

Washington Medical Coordination Center (PDF)

Young Adult Behavioral Health (PDF)

Sustain Child Profile System (PDF)

Fill Behavioral Health System Gaps (PDF)

Climate Change and Health (PDF)

Prevent Child Lead Exposure (PDF)

Increase Sunrise Review Capacity (PDF)

Address Drinking Water Backlog (PDF)

Cannabis Laboratory Testing (PDF)

Upgrade Drinking Water System (PDF)

Upgrade Medical Cannabis Registry (PDF)

WIC Food Insecurity and Infant Formula (PDF)

Enhancing Health Profession Boards and Commissions (PDF)

2021-23 Biennial Budget Request

Read Secretary Wiesman's operating budget cover memo (PDF)

Proposed Fee Increase Detail (PDF)

Maintenance Level

Technical Corrections (PDF)

Serve Additional WIC Families (PDF)

Fees to Maintain Services (PDF)

Backfill Medicaid Fraud Account (PDF)

Performance Level

COVID-19 Contain the Spread (PDF)

Maintain Core Public Health Data (PDF)

COVID-19 Administer Vaccine (PDF)

Fund Foundational Public Health Services (PDF)

Backup 2021-23 Fund Foundational Public Health Services - Investments (PDF)

Sustain Child Profile Health Systems (PDF)

Support Suicide Prevention (PDF)

Support Recommendations for Community Health Workers (PDF)

Maintain HEAL-WA Web Portal (PDF)

COVID-19 Support HIV Clients (PDF)

Update HELMS Funding (PDF)

Modernize Boards & Commissions (PDF)

Maintain Developmental Screening (PDF)

Reduce Public Health Spending (PDF)

Backup 2021-23 Reduce Public Health Funding - Options (PDF)