Health Systems Quality Assurance

Health System Quality Assurance's top priority is to protect and improve the health of people in Washington State. We do this by helping to prevent injuries, develop health systems and improve patient safety. We work closely with communities and local health partners to build strong health systems and prevention programs. This helps ensure that everyone has access to good healthcare and emergency medical services.

Health Systems Quality Assurance (HSQA) regulates and supports more than 463,000 health professionals in 83 health professions, and 11,000 health groups and programs. Each year we review more than 14,000 complaints and inspect thousands of facilities. Each month we respond to an average of 24,000 phone calls and thousands of emails.

The HSQA Division

  • Maintains and strengthens the state's health systems, both rural and urban.
  • Is the primary contact for the public, health providers, facilities, emergency management services and many other customers.
  • Processes new applications for close to 400 health professionals each day.
  • Inspects and regulates medical and community facilities.
  • Investigates and prosecutes complaints against healthcare providers and facilities.


Sasha De Leon
Assistant secretary

Christie Spice
Assistant secretary for policy

Jonnita Thompson
Deputy assistant secretary

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