Contacts for Site Assessment and Toxicology Section

Mary Buchanan, 360-810-1088 
Health educator 

Emerson Christie, 564-669-4325
Content area: fish advisories, mercury in indoor air

Holly Davies, 360-742-1766
Content area: chemical policy, safer alternative assessments, consumer products, PFAS, flame retardants, lead, TSCA, New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)

Elmer Diaz, 360-236-3192
Content area: children's products, site assessment

Elinor Fanning, 564-669-1554
Content area: consumer products, safer alternative assessments, phthalates, 6PPD

Mallory Little, 564-669-4222
Content area: methamphetamine, fentanyl, nitrates, phthalates, harmful algal blooms, 6PPD, biosolids, contaminants in water

Barbara Morrissey, 360-236-3368
Content area: chemical policy, PFAS in drinking water, flame retardant chemicals, PCB, pesticides

Claire Nitsche, 360-522-0816
Health educator

Lenford O'Garro, 360-236-3376
Content area: Site assessment, risk communication, APPLETREE

Maureen Sanchez, 564-669-1331
SATS manager

James Watt, 564-669-4205
Content area: site assessment, contaminants in water

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