Office of Environmental Public Health Sciences

The Office of Environmental Public Health Sciences offers expertise and support on a variety of environmental issues that affect the health and safety of Washington residents and communities. We work to prevent illness and injury, minimize adverse human health impacts, and respond to the effects of climate change and exposures associated with environmental hazards.

Office Contacts

Director, Laura Johnson, 360-236-3325

Deputy Director, Erika Baker, 360-236-4021

Office Phone: 360-236-3385 or 1-877-485-7316 (toll-free)

Mail: WA State Department of Health, PO Box 47825, Olympia, WA 98504-7825

Office Email

About Our Programs

Built Environment

Manager, Jessica Marcinkevage, 360-463-7017

Climate and Health

Manager, Rad Cunningham, 360-236-3359

Environmental Epidemiology

Manager, Jennifer Sabel, 360-236-3371

Environmental Justice

Manager, Sierra Rotakhina, 360-584-4398

Healthy Homes and Communities

Manager, Anneke Jansen, 360-236-3373

Site Assessment and Toxicology

Manager, Maureen Sanchez, 564-669-1331