Pesticide Illness Prevention Program

The Pesticide Illness Surveillance and Prevention Program helps prevent pesticide-related illness and injury in the workplace, community, and at home by investigating suspected pesticide poisonings reported to us as required under WAC 246-101-101. This is our program's responsibility mandated under RCW70.104.

In an investigation, we determine whether the illness or injury is related to the pesticide exposure and assess the severity of the health impact. Investigated cases are classified according to standards set by the CDC, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The Pesticide Program may collaborate with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and Washington State Department of Labor and Industries on an investigation. These agencies play a role in pesticide enforcement and worker's health and safety.

The Pesticide Program investigates about 300 cases annually. The information collected is used to identify root-causes of illness, and to develop science-based health information and prevention strategies. Strategies may include data support for national efforts to change product labels and use practices and remove unsafe products from the market. Together with other state pesticide illness surveillance programs, Washington's Pesticide Program participates in the NIOSH SENSOR-Pesticide network. This enables a nationwide surveillance system that provides timely identification of outbreaks and emerging pesticide problems caused by work-related exposures.

Summaries and data from investigation findings are available to the public through the Washington Tracking Network-Pesticides.

Pesticide Program Contacts

Program Phone: 360-236-3528

Fax: 360-236-3276

Office Phone: 1-877-485-7316 (toll-free) or 360-236-3385

Email: Office Email

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