Transformational Plan: A Vision for Health in Washington State (2022-2024)

What is the Transformational Plan?

The Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH) Transformational Plan: A Vision for Health in Washington State, reenergizes our commitment to health for all — creating policies and conditions so everyone can live their healthiest lives. We cannot embark on this journey alone. We must collaborate with communities, community-based organizations, local public health entities, governmental partners, health care providers and systems, the private sector, Tribal Nations, and many, many more. Infusing our agency’s values into how we transform our services, go about our activities, and strengthen our core work, is critical to the bright and robust future ahead.

We know our cornerstone values of Equity, Innovation, and Engagement (EIE) are key drivers in shaping our future. Our vision for each strategic priority is the “what” we are striving for and key examples of the “how” we will do our work are reflected in our transformations in action. While this is not an exhaustive list of everything we currently do or plan to do, it does provide our roadmap for how and where we prioritize our efforts. Additionally, it boldly positions our agency for the ever-changing future already upon us!

Our Five Priorities

Health and Wellness

All Washingtonians have the opportunity to attain their full potential of physical, mental, and social health and well-being.

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Environmental Health

All Washingtonians will thrive in a broad range of healthy environments — natural, built, and social.

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Global and One Health

All Washingtonians live in ever-connected environments that recognize and leverage the intersection of both global and domestic health as well as the connections of humans, animals, and the environment.

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Health Systems and Workforce Transformation

All Washingtonians are well served by a health ecosystem that is robust and responsive, while promoting transparency, equity, and trust.

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Emergency Response and Resilience

All Washington communities have the information and resources they need to build resilience in the face of myriad public health threats and are well-positioned to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and natural disasters.

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Want More Information About the Transformational Plan?

Read all the details about each priority in this downloadable PDF.

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