Headquarters Drinking Water Staff

The office of drinking water is broken into three regions.

Physical Address

111 Israel Rd. S.E. Fifth Floor; Tumwater, WA 98501

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Mailing Address
PO Box 47822
Olympia, WA 98504-7822

Main phone 360-236-3100 or Toll Free 800-521-0323 (inside Washington)
FAX: 360- 236-2252
TTY: Relay Service 1-800-833-6388

Information and Technical Assistance

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please direct all general inquiries to our main line at 360-236-3100. Staff are available to assist with most questions immediately. As necessary, other questions will be referred to the appropriate staff for response.

Specific Program Email Addresses

Administrative Inbox: odw.mail@doh.wa.gov

Data Entry: odwdataentry@doh.wa.gov

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program: dwsrf@doh.wa.gov

Foundational Public Health: odw-fphs@doh.wa.gov

Operator Certification: dwopcert@doh.wa.gov

Publications: dwpubs@doh.wa.gov

Water Facilities Inventory: wfi@doh.wa.gov

Water System Permits: oppermit@doh.wa.gov


Holly Myers, Office Director, 564-200-2493 or 360-236-3100

Trisha Davis, Administrative Assistant, Public Disclosure Requests, 360-236-3142

Erik Correia, Office Assistant, 360-236-3138

Kay Rottell, Office Deputy Director, 360-236-3137

Laura Heinse, Performance Management and Quality Improvement Specialist, 360-236-3095

Eric Bengtson, Information Data Steward and HTS Liaison, 360-236-3104

Capacity Development and Policy

Mike Means, Capacity Development and Policy Manager, 360-236-3178

Katie Groeneveld, Administrative Assistant, 360-236-3093

Jocelyn Jones, Reclaimed Water Policy Lead, 360-999-3662

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF)

Chris Pettit, DWSRF Program Manager, 564-233-1408

Jocelyne Gray, Scope of Work, Eligibility, and General Funding, 564-669-4893

Scott Kugel, Cultural and Environmental Review, 360-480-7617

Chelsea Cannard, Technical Assistance Requests, 564-233-1799

Samantha Delmer, Emerging Contaminants Project Manager, 360-688-0610

Field Operations

George Onwumere, Field Operations Manager, 509-571-7036

Carmetrus Parker, Administrative Assistant, 360-236-3134

Engineering and Technical Services

Vacant, PE, Section Supervisor

Steve Deem PE, Distribution System Engineering Specialist, 360-878-7625

Jolyn Leslie, PE, Surface Water Program Engineering Specialist, 206-945-6927

Sheryl Howe, Hydrogeologist, 360-236-3109

Frank Baird, Hydrogeologist, 360-236-3001

Nikki Guillot, Source Water Protection Manager, 360-236-3114

Deborah Johnson, Wellhead Protection Program Coordinator, 253-433-4054

Stan Hoffman, Watershed Protection Program Coordinator, 509-329-2132

Policy and Planning

Brad Burnham, Section Manager, 360-236-3102

Kim Moore, Emergency Planning and Legislation Coordinator, 360-236-3113

Jacqui Brown Miller, State Compliance and Enforcement Coordinator, 360-236-3112

Brian Sayrs, Principal Planner, 509-329-2112

Trace Warner, Senior Policy Planner, 360-236-3160

John Freitag, Policy Planning Lead, 564-669-4455

Vacant, Capacity Development/Water Use Efficiency, 360-236-3008

Sarita Preuss, Alternative Drinking Water Program Lead, 564-233-9512

Operator Certification and Training

Bill Bernier, Section Manager, 360-236-3562

Deni Gates, Operator Certification Program Manager and Backflow Certification, 360-236-3140

Monica Miner, Operator Certification Program, Temporary Certification, Contract Operators, Operator Certification Compliance, 360-236-3145

Arnica Briody, Eastern Region Operations Advisor, 360-742-1436

Joe Barbee, Distribution Optimization Advisor, 564-233-8189

Water Quality and Data Management

Derrick Dennis, Section Manager, 360-236-3122

Dave Sternberg, Water Quality Compliance Coordinator and Consumer Confidence Reports, 360-236-3099

Brian Wilson, Water Facilities Inventory (WFI) Coordinator, 360-236-3042

Kerry Herd, Data Entry, 360-236-3108

Fiona Yin, Data Entry, 360-236-3103

Andy Schut, Water Quality Assessment Specialist/Lab Liaison, 360-236-3197