Water System Planning Requirements Rule Change

What's Happening

Adopted Rule

On May 13, 2024, the Department of Health (Department) adopted a rule change to WAC 246-290-100, Water system plan. The adopted revision is in response to ES2HB 1181, codified as RCW 43.20.310 and impacts only those Group A community public water systems serving 1,000 or more connections. Washington State Register #24-11-057. The newly adopted rule becomes effective June13, 2024.

Before the June 30, 2025, statutory compliance deadline, the Department will complete an update to the Water System Planning Guidebook 331-068 (PDF). This update provides additional guidance to water systems impacted by the new rule. We will also provide technical assistance to water systems that must comply with this requirement.

If you would like more information about the Water System Planning, visit the Water System Planning Requirements webpage.

If you have questions about the Water System Planning Guidebook 331-068 (PDF) update, please contact the project manager, John Freitag at 564-669-4455.

Rule Documents

CR-102 Form combined with proposed rule language.

CR-103 Form combined with adopted rule language.

Concise Explanatory Statement.


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