2014 Watershed Protection Workshop


In December 2014 the Office of Drinking Water (ODW) sponsored a workshop for water systems with forested land. This event gave participants tools to help them better understand and protect their watersheds, and of the regulatory framework that can affect a watershed. The workshop was a partnership between ODW, the departments of Natural Resources and Ecology, and the University of Washington's School of Public Health.

Telling the Watershed Protection Story

This 3 minute video shows the importance of source water protection for drinking water systems. It features Kathleen Cahall, Water Resources Manager for the City of Bremerton, and Office of Drinking Water staff. Bremerton owns the watershed that supplies its drinking water, so they have complete control over what activities take place in this pristine location. Bremerton and Seattle are the only unfiltered surface water systems in our state.


Video courtesy University of Washington's School of Public Health.

Workshop Materials