Startup and Shutdown Assistance for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems


Startup and Shutdown

Startup Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-310 (PDF)

Shutdown Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-311 (PDF)

Small Water System Startup Shutdown Self-Inspection Checklist 331-312 (PDF)

Emergency Disinfection of Small Water Systems 331-242 (PDF)

Troubleshooting Bladder Pressure Tanks 331-342 (PDF)


Preparation of a Coliform Monitoring Plan for the Small Noncommunity Water System 331-240 (PDF)

Simple Fixes for Wellhead Openings 331-232 (PDF) English | Spanish

Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs: Hatches 331-249 (PDF) English | Spanish

Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs: Vents 331-250 (PDF) English | Spanish

Cross connections can create health hazards (PDF, AWWA PNWS publication)

Help protect your drinking water from contamination (PDF, AWWA PNWS publication)

Lawn irrigation systems and backflow prevention (PDF, AWWA PNWS publication)

Water Quality Tests Coliform and Nitrate

Coliform Bacteria and Drinking Water 331-181 (PDF)

Coliform Sampling Procedure 331-225 (PDF)

Correct Completion of a Coliform Sample Lab Slip 331-247 (PDF)

Follow-up to an Unsatisfactory Coliform Sample 331-187 (PDF)

Troubleshooting Checklist for Coliform Contamination 331-180 (PDF)

Emergency Water Supply Guidelines for Food Service Establishments 331-182 (PDF)

Nitrate in Drinking Water 331-214 (PDF) English | Spanish

Nitrate Sampling Procedure 331-222 (PDF)


Public Notice Certification Acute Coliform MCL 331-264-F (PDF)

Public Notice Certification Form Nitrate MCL Violation 331-248-F (PDF)


We recommend all water systems have a chlorine residual test kit. You can order a chlorine residual test kit and reagents from several different companies. Here are a few:

Hach Company

LaMotte Company

Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

You can find others by searching the Internet using keywords “chlorine test kit.” Remember, you want a test kit that measures free chlorine with a range of approximately 0.0 to 3.5 parts per million.

The following websites may contain useful information to assist you.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—Ground Water and Drinking Water Webpage

Washington State Department of Ecology

Washington State Local County Health Department, Tribal, and Regional Maps

For more information

Eastern Region: Spokane Valley 509-329-2100

Northwest Region: Kent 253-395-6750

Southwest Region: Tumwater 360-236-3030

Not sure which region you're in? Click for map of regional offices (PDF).