Meter Information for Operators, Boards and Commissions

Help Communities Understand Meters are a Good Idea

  • Meter installation is necessary to ensure efficient operation and management of water systems. With increasing costs and complexity of water system operations, water managers face difficult choices about how to invest limited resources. The Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program ensures that water efficiency is appropriately evaluated when making decisions about how to invest funds to make the best use of the least costly source of supply-conserved water.
  • Small water systems concerned about the cost of service meters for each customer should understand that, while the initial cost can be burdensome, source and service meters will be used to identify deteriorating infrastructure. The meter results provide information used to budget for necessary improvements. This leads to cost savings in treatment and pumping, and it reduces wear and tear on replacement pumps and other facilities. Over time, the water system captures lost revenue resulting from eliminating leaks in the system.

What Happens if Water System Miss the January 22, 2017, Meter Installation Deadline

If a water system cannot meet the deadline for meter installation, we will work with that system to identify a reasonable installation schedule. This may be in the form of a bilateral compliance agreement.

More information is available on our Water Service Meters, an opportunity to focus on residential water use 331-575 (PDF 267KB)