Water System Design and Planning

Use links below for more information.

Cross-connection control and backflow prevention—Includes background information, links to publications and forms, and more.

COVID-19 Water System Planning and Open Public Meetings 331-670

Drinking Water Operating Permit Fees—Information about 2011 rule changes relating to fees for public water systems. Includes an online fee calculator, and FAQs.

Municipal Water Law—Includes background, related links, and staff contacts.

Tribal Jurisdiciton—Information and staff contacts.

System design—Links to publications about water system design.

Small system management—Includes our "Small Water System Management Guide" document and related publications and links.

System planning—information to help you determine the appropriate level of planning for your water system.

Water use efficiency—Information about the Water Use Efficiency Rule and requirements. Includes an online data collection tool, and public forum schedule for water use efficiency goal-setting meetings.