ACEs and Resilience Statewide Community of Practice

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The ACEs and Resilience Statewide Community of Practice is no longer active. Resources and materials from the Community of Practice are gathered here and provide valuable information. Please see the HOPE Community of Practice section below for opportunities to further discuss childhood experiences (both adverse and positive) and resilience in community with other Washington public health officials.

Research tells us that trauma manifests and must be addressed at the community level: in the social-cultural environment, the physical-built environment, and the economic environment.

Previously, Essentials for Childhood hosted an ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Resilience Statewide Community of Practice. The Community of Practice consisted of leaders from across the state working to advance trauma and resilience informed systems, policies and approaches. This forum allowed participants to learn together how to create capacity, foster resilience, and address ACEs.

ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice Gatherings

Beginning in 2018, the Community of Practice hosted in-person or virtual gatherings approximately twice a year across Washington state. These gatherings were opportunities to learn from peers deeply engaged in the work of building resilience and reducing ACEs. Presentations and discussions highlighted evidence-based practices and innovations. Participants gained tools and models to take back to their communities, most recently focusing on the lasting impacts of historical trauma and racism.

ACEs & Resilience Webinar Series

We have hosted two webinar series since summer 2019. Webinars provide supplemental learning on research and practice for people who have attended our in-person gatherings. They also stand alone and engage people in the network who may not be able to attend all day events. Webinar topics are often inspired by needs and interests that bubble up in our events. They also highlight our partners' successful practices.

Watch past webinars on our YouTube Playlist

See the webinar summaries for individual webinar summaries, speaker information and related resources.

Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE) Community of Practice

The ACEs/Resilience Community of Practice is currently inactive, though a Community of Practice centering the Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE) framework now meets monthly. This gathering is primarily for Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs). The HOPE Community of Practice brings together interested LHJ colleagues to learn, share, and support each other in the promotion and application of the Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (HOPE) framework and related approaches in local public health practice. The intent of this work is to build on and enhance existing efforts to reduce and mitigate Adverse Childhood Experiences and to increase child, family, and community well-being and resilience.

Learn more about HOPE and the Community of Practice by visiting WA Portal.

How can I get involved?

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