Brain Building with Vroom

Essentials for Childhood worked with the Bezos Family Foundation to support specific programs and initiatives working to foster healthy and resilient families. Brain science tells us that the first five years of a child's life are critical to brain development and tied to experiences with their caregivers.

Essentials for Childhood, in partnership with the Bezos Family Foundation and other statewide partners, worked to embed Vroom into their programs and initiatives. Learn more about Vroom (PDF).
Vroom was eventually transitioned to our partners at Washington Communities for Children. Learn more about their work on the WA Communities for Children Vroom website.

What are the principles behind Vroom?


Powered by Vroom

By taking early brain science out of the lab and putting it in the hands of parents and caregivers, Vroom empowers them to see what they are already doing to support their child's brain development, and encourages more of it. Boosting children's learning doesn't require more time, money, or stuff. It is about making little changes in how we use our time with our children to have a big impact on their growing brains. Vroom does more than just offer caregivers tips that are fun, easy, and promote bonding - it explains the science behind every activity so caregivers can see how it can make a big difference in their children's lives. Visit the Vroom website for more information.

Webinars and online trainings featuring Vroom

Brain Building Basics with Vroom introduces Vroom and shares how you can incorporate brain science and Vroom into your work. The intended audience is partners and providers that work with families of small children.

The webinar includes three short videos that do not appear in the recording. Pause the webinar and watch each video at these links when you reach them:

Early Relational Health in the Primary Care Office Visit is a free, virtual self-paced course designed for pediatric medical providers. Learn from Dr. Aaron Grigg, MD, FAAP about Vroom and other resources that are available for parents and caregivers to engage with their young children in ways that enhance brain development. Providers can earn continuing medical education for completing this course.

Brain Building Moments with Vroom for early learning providers shows how early learning providers can use Vroom to promote brain development among the children in their care. This was developed and is hosted by the Snohomish Health Department. The course providers 1.0 STARS Credit hours for eligible Washington State early learning providers.

Making the Most of Child Development Supports introduces “Help Me Grow,” “Learn the Signs. Act Early,” and “Vroom” and shows how they fit together to promote healthy child development and help lay the foundation for lifelong health and well-being This webinar was hosted by the Washington State Department of Health and Help Me Grow Washington in partnership with Best Starts for Kids - King County and Help Me Grow - Pierce County. Read responses to questions asked in the webinar chat (PDF).

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