Fish Meal Serving Size

How big is one serving size of fish?

A fish meal serving size is 8 ounces uncooked or about 6 ounces cooked for a 160-pound adult. If you weigh more or less than 160 pounds, add or subtract one ounce to your serving size for each 20-pound difference in body weight.

Meal Size

Hand size is about the same size as a meal of fish.

A fish meal appropriate to your body size is about the size and thickness of your hand.

1 ounce is about the size of adult's thumb.

1 oz. is about the size of an adult thumb. A fish meal size of 1 oz. would be good for a child that weighs 20 pounds.

160 lb. = 8 oz.
140 lb = 7 oz.
120 lb. = 6 oz.
100 lb. = 5 oz.
80 lb. = 4 oz.

60 lb. = 3 oz.
40 lb. = 2 oz.
20 lb. = 1 oz.

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Content Source: Fish Advisories Program