Regulatory Guidance - Radioactive Air Emissions


This is a list of some of the computer models that can be used to determine compliance. You may request other methods that will need to be approved by the department.

RAE Guide: Demonstrating Compliance Using Computer Models (PDF)

RAE Guide: Calculating Radioactive Air Emissions from Annual Possession Quantity (PDF)

  • AERMOD Modeling System: A steady-state plume model that incorporates air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts, including treatment of both surface and elevated sources, and both simple and complex terrain

RAE Guide: Demonstrating Compliance By Using CAP88 Modeling (PDF)

  • CAP88-PC: A modified Gaussian plume model to estimate the average dispersion of radionuclides
  • COMPLY: A computerized screening tool for evaluating radiation exposure from atmospheric releases of radionuclides

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