X-Ray Qualified Experts List

The following health physicists have been approved to provide shielding calculations and room design for various types of medical X-ray system installations per the requirements in WAC 246-225-030.

To add your services to the list, view our Qualifications Guide.

This list is provided as a service and the presence or absence of an organization on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Department of Health. The Office of Radiation Protection does not certify or guarantee the work of any of the health physics consultants listed here.



Aktina Medical Physics Group

George Zacharopoulos, MS, DABR, DABMP

Board Certified Medical Physicist

360 Rt. 9W North, Congers, NY 10920

Phone: 845-268-0101, Toll Free: 888-433-3380

Fax: 845-268-1700

Email: George@aktina.com or info@aktina.com

Shielding design for all diagnostic and therapeutic (excluding Proton) facilities.

Andre, Michael P., Ph.D., FAIUM, DABR

2814 Santa Fe Vista Court, Suite M, Encinitas, CA 92024-6600

Phone: 858-945-2619

Fax: 858-822-6132

Email: mandre@ucsd.edu

Shielding designs for radiographic, fluoroscopic, and CT X-ray units.

Ayers, Rex, MS, DABR, MCCPM, CHP

Medical Physicist

99104 East Ridgeview Drive S.E., Kennewick, WA 99338

Phone: 509-551-2681

Fax: 425-672-8470

Email: rayers@nmpc.org

Diagnostic and therapy facility shielding design.


Baltzo Health Physics Service, Inc.

Ander Baltzo

31 - 213th Street SW, Bothel, WA 98021

Phone: 425-908-7586

Cell: 206-406-0024

Fax: 425-408-1340

Email: baltzohp@comcast.net

Full service Health Physics and Medical Physics Service Corporation providing support for imaging departments, nuclear medicine departments, and biotechnology companies throughout the Northwest region.

Barish, Robert J., Ph.D., DABR, CHP, FAAPM, FHPS

Certified Health Physicist

211 E. 70th Street, Ste. 12G, New York, NY 10021

Phone: 212-288-7201

Email: robbarish@verizon.net

Shielding designs for all modalities of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation producing equipment including Cyberknife and TomoTherapy, but excluding proton facilities.

Brown, Paul H., Ph.D.

Professor, Diagnostic Radiology (L340)

Oregon Health and Science University

3181 Southwest Sam Jackson Park, Portland, OR 97239-3098

Phone: 503-348-1913

Email: brownp@ohsu.edu

Shielding calculations of diagnostic and therapeutic X-ray facilities, radiation safety surveys and other related work.


Chung-Bin, Anthony, Ph.D.

Board Certified Medical Physicist

12044 Sweetwater Circle, Eagle River, AK 99577

Phone: 907-694-0554

Diagnostic X-ray machine testing, mammography machine testing for MQSA and shielding calculations for radiation facilities.

Corwin Health Physics, Inc.

Jeremy L. Corwin, Certified Health Physicist

Joby Voetberg, MHP

P.O. Box 1707, Centralia, WA 98531

Phone: 360-736-6066

Fax: 360-736-7293

Email: Jeremy@corwinhp.com or Joby@corwinhp.com

Website: www.corwinhp.com

Comprehensive health physics and medical physics services for diagnostic imaging modalities, including equipment testing, safety audits, radiation shielding designs, and radiation detector calibration.


Dade Moeller & Associates

Tracy Ikenberry, CHP

1835 Terminal Drive, Suite 200, Richland, WA 99354

Phone: 509-946-0410

Direct: 509-942-3716

Fax: 509-946-4412

Email: ikenberry@moellerinc.com

Website: www.moellerinc.com

Performs diagnostic shielding calculations for X-ray therapy, radiographic, and fluoroscopic facilities.

Diagnostic Physics, Inc.

Elizabeth Franklin, M.S., DABR

P.O. Box 49587, Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 704-541-9628

Fax: 704-541-2843

Performs diagnostic shielding calculations for all types of radiological installations.

Duncan, Roy

Les Wilkins & Associates

6850 - 35th Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 206-522-0908

Fax: 206-522-5292

Email: Rduncan44@hotmail.com

Shielding calculations for chiropractic, medical, CT, podiatric, and veterinary X-ray facilities.


Earley, Donna L.

MXE - Medical X-Ray Enterprises, Inc.

12107 West Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90293

Phone: 310-823-0799

Fax: 310-306-7817

Email: Earley@comcaStreetnet

X-ray and nuclear shielding calculations including diagnostic, PET/CT, Gamma Knife and other ionizing radiation modalities.

Empiricos, LLC

Dave Salmon, Health Physicist

Jennifer Johnson, Health Physicist

P.O. Box 244, Freeland, WA 98249

Phone: 360-321-4010

Fax: 360-321-4020

Email: physics@empiricos.com

Shielding plans for diagnostic radiology, CT, PET, nuclear medicine consulting and licensing, general radiation safety consulting and planning.

Erickson, Richard, MS, ABR

7300 NE Vancouver Mall Dr. #59, Vancouver, WA 98662

Phone: 360-787-0499

Email: raephysics@aol.com


Gough, John, CHP, CMLSO, RRTT

Swedish Health Services/Northwest Radiation Services

Phone: 206-386-2723

Email: john.gough@swedish.org

Diagnostic medical physics, nuclear medicine audits, nuclear medicine and PET physics testing, shielding calculations, radiation safety training, conducts radiation safety surveys, X-ray system calibrations, and decommissioning.

Gutcheck, Robert, Ph.D.

6513 183rd Place SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037

Phone: 206-707-3439

Email: MedPhysicsSer@yahoo.com

Conducts mammography physics surveys for MQSA; evaluations of X-ray and CT equipment; shielding calculations for all diagnostic X-ray facilities; and provides medical physics consulting support for diagnostic imaging facilities.


Health Physics Northwest

Gene L. Wollan, MS, Medical Physicist, President

7525 SE Lake Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267

Phone: 503-620-6617

Fax: 503-684-5548

Email: hpnw@hpnw.com

Website: http://hpnw.com

Shielding recommendations for diagnostic facilities (medical, dental, nuclear medicine), therapy facilities (accelerators, orthovoltage and radioactive materials) and industrial facilities (X-ray, radioactive materials) and MQSA medical physics support.

Hrejsa, Allen F., Ph.D.

Medical Physicist

355 Millcreek Lane, Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630-357-6957 or part-time office 847-723-8168

Fax: 847-723-8175

Email: ahrejsa@wowway.com

Diagnostic X-ray machine testing. Mammography machine testing for MQSA (including FFD) and shielding calculations for radiation facilities.


Intermountain Medical Physics, LLC

Scott Fuller, MS, DABR

5708 N Bergman Avenue, Boise, ID 83646

Phone: 208-358-9333

Mobile: 208-620-1666

Email: intermountainmedicalphysics@gmail.com

Website: www.intermountainmedicalphysics.com

ABR-certified medical physics support services for diagnostic and nuclear medicine departments. Shielding design and verification for all diagnostic imaging modalities. Regulatory and accreditation performance surveys, radiation safety support and consultation, other relevant medical physics support.

Ipe, Nisy E., Ph.D., C.H.P.

3117 La Mesa Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070

Phone: 650-631-1916

Fax: 650-631-1916

Email: nisy@comcast.net

Website: http://shieldingconsultant.com

Shielding design for diagnostic, therapy, particle therapy, research and industrial facilities. General health physics services and surveys.

Iverstine, Sam, MS, CHP

Health Physicist

P.O. Box 1600 / T4-54, Richland, WA 99352

Phone: 509-373-0732

Fax: 509-373-3891

Email: Sam_Iverstine@yahoo.com

Diagnostic and therapy X-ray shielding.


K & S Associates, Inc.

John Pagel, Medical Health Physicist

1926 Elm Tree Drive, Nashville, TN 37210-3718

Phone: 615-883-9760

Fax: 615-871-0856

Email: jpagel@kslab.com

Website: http://kslab.com

Calculation of shielding needed for X-ray rooms.


Landauer Medical Physics

2 Science Road, Glenwood, Illinois 60425

Ramon Davila, RPT NBA, 865-801-0424

Michelle Lockamy Hernandez, 919-306-4685

Fred Nightser, MS, CNMT, 949-533-9726

Adam Smith, MS, 910-690-3628

Email: fnightser@landauermp.com

Website: www.landauer.com/medical-physics-services

Shielding calculations for diagnostic, radiographic, and therapeutic X-ray facilities; equipment performance evaluations, radiation safety and health program audits, reviews and training; radioactive material license preparation - medical and industrial.


Melissa C. Martin, M.S., DABR, FACR, FAAPM

Therapy Physics Inc.

2501 Cherry Avenue, Ste 270, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Phone: 562-317-0650

Cell: 310-612-8127

Fax: 562-317-0661

Email: Melissa@TherapyPhysics.com


Neubauer, Larry

4907 Bayview Road, Langley, WA 98260

Phone: 360-221-2675

Fax: 360-221-8875

Email: Neubauer@Whidbey.com

Physics testing of X-ray, mammography, and CT equipment; shielding calculations for X-ray, mammography (digital & film screen), and CT facilities; lectures on mammography, diagnostic radiology, and radiation safety; fetal dose calculations.

Northwest Medical Physics Center

Lawrence Sweeney, Ph.D. or John T Washington, M.S.

21031 67th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036-7306

Phone: 425-672-2841 or 1-800-475-2841

Fax: 425-672-8470

Email: jwashington@nmpc.org

Website: www.nmpc.org

X-ray shielding, calculations, surveys for radiation therapy facilities and diagnostic shielding calculations.


Olympic Health Physics

Eric Hooper, MS, CHP, DABSNM

Medical Physicist

2815 North Cheyenne Street, Tacoma, WA 98407

Phone: 253-254-6988

Email: eric@olympichp.com

Diagnostic medical physics, nuclear medicine audits, nuclear medicine and PET physics testing, MSQA testing, CT physics testing, shielding calculations, radiation safety training, conducts radiation safety surveys, X-ray system calibrations, and decommissioning.

Orton, Nigel, PhD, DABR

Chief Medical Physicist, Cancer Care Northwest

910 West 5th Avenue, Suite 102, Spokane, WA 99204

Phone: 509-590-3207

Fax: 509-252-9421

Email: ortonnp@ccnw.net

Website: http://cancercarenorthwest.com

Shielding calculations for diagnostic and therapeutic X-ray facilities; radiation safety surveys; radiotherapy physics consulting.



Quality Assurance Services, Inc.

Glenn R Deacon, MSEE, M.S.

1500 Via Hacienda, Chula Vista, CA 91913

Phone: 619-482-1003

Cell: 619-370-7920

Fax: 619-421-7670

Website: http://qaservices.net

General radiation shielding plans/consultation for all diagnostic imaging (R&F, CT, etc) and for Nuclear Medicine (gamma camera and radioactive materials) and PET installations.


Radiation Physics Consulting, Inc. 

Email: radphysics@msn.com

Radiological Physics Services, Inc.

3839 Napier Road, Plymouth, MI 48170

Phone: 734-455-4730

Fax: 734-453-8851

Email: rcarlson@voyager.net

Shielding and plan reviews for diagnostic, radiographic, and mammography facilities.


S & D Design LLC

Vivian Denton

Tom Slowey

1926 Elmtree Drive, Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: 615-308-6411

Email: ddenton@earthlink.net or tomslowey@earthlink.net

Sample, James

Medical Physicist

PO Box 215, 23624 157th Ave N, Cordova, IL 61242

Phone: 309-207-033

Email: jscottsample@gmail.com

Sharma, Anil, PhD, DRP, DABR, DABMP

Director, Medical Physics & RSO

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Clinical Associate Professor, UCI

California State Approved Medical Physicist

17928 Point Reyes St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone: 562-233-7535

Cell: 714-848-0535

Email: asharma@memorialcare.org

X-ray therapy facility shielding design.

Silvain, Daniel, MS, DABR

9661 East Bennett, Tucson, AZ 85747

Phone: 520-400-8400

Email: silvain@email.arizona.edu

Sound Medical Physics Co.

Ray W. Luse, M.S., DABR

15508 North Shady Slope Road, Spokane, WA 99208

Phone: 509-991-9094

Email: Ray.Luse02@gmail.com

Therapy physics locums, consulting and diagnostic X-Ray, CT, and PET facility shielding designs.


T & K X-Ray Consultants, Inc.

Terry Hart

Independent X-Ray Consultant

930 Dover Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Phone: 218-940-6152

TMG Medical Physics

Thomas Griglock, Ph.D., DABR

22790 SW Cowlitz Drive, Tualatin, OR 97062

Phone: 503-601-9805

Email: tom@tmgphysics.com

Expertise: Shielding calculations for diagnostic imaging facilities and equipment, radiation safety surveys of all diagnostic imaging equipment and nuclear medicine departments. Dr. Griglock is chief diagnostic imaging physicist at Oregon Health & Science University.


Vorndran, Lawrence G., M.Sc., D.A.B.R.

Certified Medical Physicist

8817 S. Cheney - Spokane Road, Spokane, WA 99224

Phone: 509-443-1912

Email: larry@gkspokane.com

Physics locums, shielding designs, surveys, acceptance, and commissioning of therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.


West Physics Consulting, LLC

Geoffrey West

3825 Paces Walk, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 866-275-9378

Fax: 770-435-9186

Full-service diagnostic medical physics, specializing in ACR accreditation, shielding design, and nuclear medicine consulting.

Washington State Department of Health - Construction Review Services

Bart Eggen

P.O. Box 47852, Olympia, WA 98504-7852

Phone: 360-236-2960

Fax: 360-236-2321

Email: bart.eggen@doh.wa.gov

Website: Construction Review Services

NOTE: This name and address is to submit notification information to the Department of Health Construction Review Office for HOSPITALS undergoing changes in X-ray rooms.

Links to external resources are provided as a public service and do not imply endorsement by the Washington State Department of Health.

Qualifications Guide

Send the following information to our X-Ray Team:

  1. Resume or curriculum vitae
  2. Training certificates
  3. Credentials
  4. Three examples of shielding plans you have completed, two radiographic and one of another type. The examples should include:
    • Room name and description.
    • Machine type and specifics, if available.
    • Methods used for determining shielding calculations.
    • Written summary of each wall in the plan. Include calculations, if available.
    • A separate summary table, including for each wall: wall description, barrier type, control type, distance of occupied area, occupancy factor, existing shielding, calculated shielding, amount recommended.
    • Equipment layout or blueprints of the X-ray room, and rooms directly affected by scatter or primary beam.


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