Shielding Plan Information for Qualified Experts

Shielding plan required:

  • Any facility installing or replacing an X-ray machine using CT reconstruction with a typical doughnut-shaped opening.
  • Mobile CT units.
  • Cone-beam CT units (those used for medical, not dental applications).
  • All mobile c-arms, milliamperage-capable, that are used in only one room. Micro-amperage (mini) c-arms are exempt.

Plan not required:

  • Dental (iCat-type) cone beam pan/CT units.
  • We require that units be installed in a semi-enclosed room – wallboard construction is acceptable – conforming to our standard requirements for patient viewing and exposure switch placement.

Minimum workloads:

Rad room - 10 patients per week as follows:

  • Check bucky – 5 patients per week.
  • Rad room table – 5 patients per week.

Lead shielding:

  • All control booths must be shielded with at least 2-pound lead.
  • When lead is required, 2-pound lead must be used to reduce the chance of cold flow.
  • When calculations require that shielding must be installed in a facility, the amount of shielding must reduce radiation exposure to below the current regulatory standards.