Jefferson County Clean Water District - Enforcement and Education


Letters to Property Owners

OSS O&M follow up letters are sent when deficiencies are found. Violation letters are sent when failing or violating OSS's are found. In 2014, the County is beginning to use a Notice to Title in certain OSS violation cases.


On-Site Sewage System problems are defined and dealt with via Jefferson County Ordinance 06-0517-12. Jefferson County Environmental Health can enforce septic violations. Jefferson County Code 8.10 allows enforcement of manure in streams, but not for the potential to pollute. Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) must be used to enforce violations of BMPs, although it is rarely used to do so.

Education and Outreach

Programs (including community demonstrations and school programs)

A portion of each Ecology centennial grant goes to education and outreach, public meetings, newsletters, and OSS classes. Some educational projects are contracted through the Washington State University extension office or local non-profits.

Water Quality staff go door to door conducting septic inspections for new homeowners, discuss maintenance of OSS, answer property owner questions, and provide as-built site plans to help encourage compliance.

Mailings and General Outreach (including O&M manuals, guides)

Occasional newsletters are sent.

Social Marketing and Behavior Change




Websites and Social Media

Jefferson County Public Health website provides information about CWD. Social media is not allowed due to public records issues.

Events (including workshops, open houses, and dinners)

The County holds Septic 101 and 102 classes, public information meetings, festival booths at local events, and Jefferson County Conservation District workshops.

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