Kitsap County Surface Water Management - Anecdotes and Links


Greatest Success

Kitsap Health identified a commercial OSS failure in Gorst in 2008 that precipitated the installation of sewer in the Gorst waterfront area by the City of Bremerton through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This grant provided sewer infrastructure and residential connections. Kitsap Health ordered commercial properties in the area with non-conforming OSS and those with no OSS records to connect to the public sewer system by the end of 2011. All of these were connected or vacated with the exception of one property, with limited use, that is in the process of working through complex easement issues in order to connect to sewer. No shoreline hotspots were identified during follow-up shoreline surveys in 2013.

Greatest Challenge

The economic downturn has resulted in more people living in recreational vehicles and people having more difficulties finding the funds to repair failing OSS and install farm BMPs. Another challenge is keeping the public's trust when OSSs are blamed for pollution without supporting evidence.

Needs to Further Goals or Pollution Control Plan / Lessons Learned

Fostering ethic of appropriate uses of property.

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