Kitsap County Surface Water Management - General Information and Funding

General SPD Information

Shellfish Protection District Name

Kitsap Public Health District. The only active portion of an SPD in Kitsap County is Burley Lagoon, however Kitsap County's Surface Water Management Program functions similarly to a Shellfish Protection District.



Websites and Links

Hood Canal Regional Pollution Identification and Correction Program

Kitsap Public Health District – Septic Systems website

Onsite Sewage System and General Sewage Sanitation Regulations (PDF)

Marina Sewage Regulations (PDF)

Geographic Boundaries

Kitsap County; Burley Lagoon

Primary Point of Contact

Name: Leslie Banigan

Agency: Kitsap Public Health District

Phone: 360-337-5627


Year Created

1999 for Burley Lagoon. 1994 for stormwater utility that funds projects in rural Kitsap County.

Reason Created

Pierce County created a Shellfish Protection District to respond to Burley Lagoon shellfish bed closures due to bacterial pollution. Kitsap County designated the Burley Lagoon watershed as a Marine Recovery Area (MRA) in the 2008 Local Management Plan.

Kitsap County's stormwater utility was created because Kitsap County Public Works needed to create a stormwater program for upcoming Clean Water Act's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase 2 requirements; Kitsap Conservation District (KCD) needed stable funding for landowner assistance programs; Kitsap Public Health (Kitsap Health) needed stable funding to address shellfish closures, failing OSS, and other water quality problems; and Kitsap County Department of Community Development needed funding for state-mandated watershed planning efforts. The goals of the program were to protect public health and natural resources, minimize institutional costs, meet state and federal regulatory requirements, and provide permanent funding to address nonpoint pollution. The program has evolved into a comprehensive, interagency partnership addressing local issues related to stormwater management, nonpoint pollution and water quality in Kitsap County's unincorporated areas.

Members and Stakeholders





Funding Sources


Kitsap Health is funded by Kitsap's stormwater utility. That funding is leveraged to seek federal, state and local grants and private foundation grants. Grant funding has become more competitive and application and reporting requirements have become more detailed and time-consuming.

Agency Funds

The KCD facilitates funding through partners including the National Resources Conservation Service, Washington Conservation Commission, and local funding sources. The KCD facilitates the cost-share application process and lets homeowners know about available funding. Sometimes the KCD will put together packages of potential projects they can pull off the shelf when funding becomes available.

Taxes and Fees

Work is funded through an annual fee of $78 per residential parcel in unincorporated Kitsap County.

Loans (including Craft3)

Craft3 is a nonpoint, non-bank Community Development Financial Institution. Their mission is to strengthen the economic, ecological, and family resilience in Pacific Northwest communities. They do this by providing Clean Water Loans and assistance to cover the costs of designing, permitting, installing, and maintaining OSSs for property owners in Clallam, Jefferson, Mason, and Kitsap Counties, the Vashon-Maury Island Recovery Areas of King County, and select areas of Pacific County. The Clean Water Loans strengthen resilience by protecting and restoring water quality and shellfish harvest opportunities. The loan program also sustains local jobs and help families stay in their homes.

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