Stillaguamish Clean Water District - Enforcement and Education


Letters to Property Owners



Enforcement can come through the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) or the County, but to date they have chosen a non-regulatory framework for enforcement. Snohomish County asked their prosecuting attorney to give a legal opinion on access to private property, and that opinion is used as methodology for gaining access to properties. The county also funded a half-time position in the sheriff's department to assist with gaining access, but with the economic downturn that funding has been eliminated.

Education and Outreach

Programs (including community demonstrations and school programs)

Three or four Snohomish Water Management staff are dedicated to education and outreach. They offer streamside landowner workshops. They operate under a conceptual pyramid model (print materials at the bottom, site visits in the middle). Pet waste education and outreach is funded by a grant from Ecology to investigate a number of pet businesses.

Mailings and General Outreach (including O&M manuals, guides)

Brochures are used to help landowners identify if they live within the CWD.

Social marketing and behavior change: Social marketing research is used to identify strategies to encourage behavior change. OSS repairers are very effective at spreading the word.



Websites and Social Media

The SPD website is used for outreach.

Events (including workshops, open houses, and dinners)

Snohomish County recently hosted a successful Shellfish Dinner event in Stanwood. The event highlighted the local softshell clam, and brought together citizens and shellfish growers. Organizers distributed information and were impressed by the results and willingness of the group to improve the environment for the overall community. The event was promoted through local radio, flyers, public service announcements, email notices to the CWD mailing list, and distribution through non-profit partners (Sound Salmon Solutions). The event drew people from outside the watershed, which was a benefit to the Stanwood leaders who are looking to develop an agro-tourism industry.

Other events include Stillaguamish River Festival (with popular pet waste disposal toss game), Poochapalooza and Strut the Mutt.

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