Stillaguamish Clean Water District - General Information and Funding

General Information

Shellfish Protection District Name

Stillaguamish River Clean Water District



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Geographic Boundaries

Stillaguamish watershed in Snohomish except cities of Arlington, Granite Falls, and Stanwood, and Flood Control District at mouth of river. Farmers didn't want overlapping district so no revenues were spent from the Shellfish Protection District (SPD) in the Flood Control District.

Primary Point of Contact

Name: Sean Edwards

Agency: Snohomish County

Phone: 425-388-3024


Year and Reason Created

1993 - The SPD was created voluntarily to address watershed management areas in unincorporated areas and surface water quality issues.

Members and Stakeholders


Board members are appointed by County Council, though it is sometimes hard to fill citizen positions. Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife representatives are required to attend. Tulalip tribes are represented on the board, but often are not able to attend meetings which can make it hard to fill the quorum. The Board meets monthly and recommends to Snohomish County how to spend their budget.



Funding Sources


In the Stillaguamish CWD, a fraction of the revenue collected goes to a grant program for water quality projects on private land. Recently, septic repairs have become eligible for this funding as well. This funding is generous (currently at $10,000), but the County has seen a significant impact from the repairs. The county is now looking into smaller rebate programs, and trying to evaluate the work that's been funded to date.

Ecology offered a grant to investigate a number of pet businesses for pet waste education and outreach.

Agency Funds

Eighteen septic repairs have been completed through discretionary funding since 2010. $250,000 of SPD funds go to the Conservation District.

Taxes and Fees

The SPD uses Snohomish County Chapter 25A rate structure for CWDs: approximately $90 per year for single family, other farm, retail, industrial and other. The SPD is currently evaluating this rate structure. The funding source has been reauthorized numerous times. The NPDES permit in 1995 may generate revenue for the SPD as well.

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