Septic Tank Lid Safety

Prevent a Tragedy

Woman securing a septic tank lid.

People do accidently fall into septic tanks. In most cases, the person who falls in gets out without serious injury. But a child's tragic death is a reminder to inspect your septic system for damaged or missing lids.

Take these precautions to make sure no one accidently falls into your septic tank.

  • Know where your septic system lids or covers are located.
  • Routinely inspect the condition of the lids for hazards or problems.
  • Keep the lids secure by repairing or replacing all damaged or missing parts.
  • Use bolts, screws, or other locks to secure the lids and prevent easy access.
  • Never drive or park vehicles on top of septic systems – it can damage or dislodge the cover.
  • Never leave an open lid unattended when inspecting or having your septic system pumped. Make sure the lids are secured after working on your septic system.
  • Teach children that the septic tank lids are not to be played on or opened.

Owners of septic systems are responsible for ensuring the systems are safe and function properly, including having a secure lid on the tanks.

Finding Your Septic System

If you can't find the opening to your septic tank, contact your local health department. They've likely issued permits for the system which may include a map of the septic tank location. If the local health department doesn't have a record on file, contact a professional septic system company – they have experience finding difficult-to-spot tanks. Also, many systems are completely buried, so your system may not have lids at the surface.

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