Septic Financing Advisory Committee

About 600,000 septic systems line Puget Sound or one of the region's many rivers, lakes and streams that make their way into Puget Sound.

Some of these septic systems don't function properly and can pollute our ground and surface water, shorelines and shellfish beds.

All systems need care and upkeep. Maintaining these systems is the responsibility of property owners. Oversight of septic systems is the role of county health departments.

The Department of Health formed a Septic Financing Advisory Committee to assess needs and develop recommendations for new septic finance programs in the Puget Sound region. The committee has explored options to support solutions to do two important things:

  • Help property owners fix or replace systems when they break down.
  • Help county health departments provide oversight and services to improve system use and care.

Septic Financing Advisory Committee's Work

Puget Sound Septic Financing Assessment