Birth Outcomes Data

The birth dashboards present birth counts and rates, fertility patterns and maternal and infant health characteristics in Washington State. Birth data are compiled from information on pregnancies and deliveries from birth certificates.

Why is birth outcome data important?

Birth outcome measures show the status of reproductive health across populations. It shows data on fertility, prematurity, low birth weight, and sex ratio. Birth outcomes may be different across geographic areas due to access, level of care, social and environmental exposures and behavioral characteristics.

What's Here

The dashboards show data on behavioral and health characteristics, infant health characteristics and health service use for all births in Washington. The data are presented at the state, county and Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) levels and represent all births to Washington State residents regardless of where they occurred.

Together, these dashboards tell a story of pregnancies and deliveries in Washington State and how the impact has changed over time, across age groups and race, and by county and ACH.

View the Data

Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes

All Births - County

All Births - ACH

Birth Risk Factors - Maternal Age

Birth Risk Factors - Maternal Race

Birth Risk Factors - County

Birth Risk Factors - ACH

You can also explore WTN's Information by Location (IBL) mapping tool to see pregnancy and birth outcomes as they relate to health disparities in Washington communities.

Additional Resources

These dashboards provide a broad overview of births in Washington State. The data sets used to produce these statistics are available for order. You can use these birth rate data sets to conduct more detailed analysis.

2010-2022 Highlights – Vital Statistics Factsheet (PDF)

Historical Vital Statistics - birth statistics for years prior to 2000

Birth Data technical notes (PDF)

Birth Historical Notes (Word)

Reproductive and Birth Outcomes - CDC

CDC Reproductive Health

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