Early Hearing Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention (EHDDI) Data

The Department of Health (DOH) collects information on infants who are identified as deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). This information includes newborn hearing screenings, pediatric audiology evaluations, and early support services. Early identification and support services help babies who are identified as deaf and hard of hearing have better outcomes. Early support services help prevent delays in a child’s communication and language skills. They also help with social-emotional wellbeing.

Why Is Early Hearing Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention (EHDDI) Data Important?

Hospitals screen the hearing of newborns. This is essential for the early identification of babies who are deaf or hard of hearing. Data on screenings help hospitals improve their service and also helps DOH. Our Early Hearing Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention (EHDDI) program uses this data to ensure babies receive a newborn hearing screening and any needed follow-up care.

Information on referral to audiology clinics and early support services is used to assess and improve access and care.

95% of babies in Washington have their hearing screened by 1 month of age.
Washington identifies 60% of deaf or hard of hearing babies by 3 months of age.
Washington enrolls 50% of deaf or hard of hearing babies in support services by 6 months of age.

What’s Here

The newborn screening dashboard shows screening rates at different hospitals. It also shows the state's overall rates.

The audiology dashboard summarizes information about babies who were referred to audiology clinics. Data comes from primary care providers, audiology clinics, and the early support programs. Some infants in this report have been seen at more than one clinic and are counted multiple times.

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Audiology Data

Hearing Screening Data

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