Marijuana and Tobacco Use Data

Tobacco Use in Washington State

Although tobacco use has declined in recent years, it remains the leading cause of preventable death in Washington state and tobacco-related health disparities persist. Approximately 13.5 percent of adults still smoke cigarettes, and more than 20 percent of 10th graders now use e-cigarettes (or vapor products).

The Washington State Department of Health's Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program exists to help adults quit tobacco/nicotine use, prevent youth and young adults from ever starting, protect people from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and vape emissions, and take strategic steps to eliminate tobacco-related disparities.

Marijuana Use in Washington State

According to 2017 BRFSS data, approximately 56 percent of the adult population in Washington reported using marijuana at least once in their lifetime. And 15 percent reported using it within the last 30 days.

The Washington State Department of Health's Marijuana Prevention and Education Program works to reduce and prevent use among the youth population. In addition, the program educates adults about the potential risks and consequences associated with using non-medical cannabis and provides resources to parents and influential adults to engage their teens in conversations about marijuana prevention. The program manages community contracts, statewide and local media-based campaigns, and supports the Washington State Recovery Helpline.

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Marijuana and Tobacco Use

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The Marijuana and Tobacco Use dashboards show the percentage of adults who use marijuana and tobacco in Washington state. You can view this data by county and Accountable Communities of Health (ACH). In addition, the data can be viewed by a variety of demographic and health issues.

The data come from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey. BRFSS is an annual survey conducted by the Department of Health, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The purpose of the survey is to measure changes in the health behaviors of people in our state.

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