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Category Title Sort descending DOH Number
Vital Statistics 2010-2020 Highlights – Vital Statistics Factsheet (PDF) 422-213
Birth Birth Data File Technical Notes - A Data User's Guide (Word) 422-160
Birth Birth Historical Notes (Word) 422-217
Birth Birth Statistical File - Data Dictionary and Crosswalks (Excel) 422-161
CHARS CHARS Hospital Revisit (Excel) 422-194
Death, Statistical Data Dictionary 1968-2015 (Word) 422-199
Birth Data Dictionary 1980-2016 (Word) 422-215
Infant Death Data Dictionary 1981-2015 (Word) 422-210
Death, Statistical Data Dictionary and Crosswalks, current (excel) 422-162
CHARS Dictionary - CHARS - Limited 422-196
CHARS Download Information (Word) 422-197
Fetal Death Fetal Death Data Dictionary (Word) 422-208
Fetal Death Fetal Death Statistical File - Data Dictionary and Crosswalk (Excel) 422-209
Death Opioid File Layout Current (Excel) 422-207
Infant Death Infant Death Data Dictionary and Crosswalks (Excel) 422-211
CHARS Linked Birth/CHARS File - Variable List: 1987-2014 (Excel) 422-195
Vital Statistics Overview Table (PDF) 422-214
Vital Statistics Vital Statistics Technical Notes (PDF) 422-212
Death Washington State Death File Data Users' Guide, 2020 (PDF) 422-155