2016 Comparative Screens

2016 Hospital Comparative Screens

The comparative files contain data from all the community hospitals in the state which report to Department of Health. See our Elements page for a listing of the data available in these files.

In the table below are the titles of the various files. All files are Excel files and require Excel or free Excel Viewer. Each year has 22 files. Within each file there are from 11 to 20 tabs of formulas. Hospital aggregate data has 20 tabs of different information. The other 21 files are cost centers that have from 13 to 11 tabs of different information depending on the cost center type (revenue, ancillary, non-revenue).

Please select from one of the following for an Excel spreadsheet for more information:

Overall Hospital Screening Reports Individual Cost Center Screening Reports

Hospital Totals

Revenue Cost Centers

Ancillary Cost Centers

Non-Revenue Cost Centers

Hospital Aggregate Data


Intensive Care

Acute Care

Psychiatric Care


Labor and Delivery

Surgical Services

Central Services

Laboratory Services

CT Scanning Services

Diagnostic Radiology


Respiratory Therapy

Physical Therapy

Emergency Room

Dietary and Cafeteria

Laundry and Linen

Hospital Plant


Fiscal Services

Administrative Services

Medical Records