Hospital Financial Data

Community Hospital Utilization and Financial Data

Welcome to the community hospital data page. On this page you'll find financial and utilization data centered on the community hospitals in Washington. We gather data from the hospitals' fiscal year end reports to us as well as from quarterly reports submitted to us. We create additional reports by summarizing and analyzing the data.

Year End Reports for Hospitals – Complete hospital fiscal year end data from the hospital reported utilization/audited financial reports. Includes admissions, patient days, payer, billed charges, net revenue, operating expense, net income, and cost center.

Quarterly Reports for Hospitals – Complete data from the hospital unaudited utilization and financial reports submitted at the end of the calendar quarter. Includes admissions, patient days, payer, billed charges, net revenue, operating expense, and net income.

Health System Consolidated Income Statement and Balance Sheet – Consolidated annual income statement and balance sheets for health systems operating in Washington.  

Hospital Comparative Screens  Comparison by revenue, expenses, length of stay, salaries/benefits, etc., by group and cost center.

Hospital Summary Reports – Data culled from the full reports to show financial and utilization changes over the Fiscal Years Ending 1992-2018.

Hospital Employee Compensation  In accordance with RCW 43.70.052(3)(a), hospitals that don't operate on a for-profit basis must annually submit employee compensation information to the Department of Health.

Hospital Facility Fees – In accordance with RCW 70.01.040, all hospitals with off-campus provider-based clinics that bill a separate facility fee shall report information annually to the Department of Health.

The Reporting Guide provides reporting requirements, form locations, submittal instructions, and additional resources (PDF) needed to complete Hospital Charity Care, Hospital Financial, and Hospital Community Benefit required reporting.