Death Data

The death dashboards present age-adjusted death rates and counts for leading causes of death in Washington State. Death data are compiled from death certificates registered in Washington State.

In 2020 there were 63,177 deaths to Washington State residents. The leading causes of death in Washington State will be upcoming due to system changes for COVID-19.

What's Here

The dashboards show data for some of the most common causes of death and life expectancy estimates in our state. The data are presented at the State, County and Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) levels and represent all deaths to Washington State residents with a date of birth, and regardless of where they occurred.

Each page or dashboard displays mortality data for a different cause of death. Viewed together, these dashboards tell a story of the relative impact of various causes of death in Washington State and how the impact has changed over time, across age groups and gender, and by county and ACH.

View the Data

All Deaths Data

All Deaths - County

All Deaths - ACH

Injury Deaths - County

Injury Deaths - ACH

Injury Deaths by Age - County

Injury Deaths by Age - ACH

Injury Deaths by Age - EMS Region

Need More Information?

These dashboards provide a broad overview of death in Washington State. The data sets used to produce these statistics are available for order. You can use these mortality data sets to conduct more detailed analysis.

2010-2020 Highlights – Vital Statistics Factsheet (PDF)

Historical Vital Statistics - Death statistics for years prior to 2000

ICD-10/ICD-9 Coding Causes of Death - Explanation of the impact of changing from ICD-9 classification system to the ICD-10 classification system in 1999

Data Users' Guide (PDF) - Technical notes about the death data