College and University Toolkit

Campaign materials developed with input from a College/University Student Advisory Group. Includes video and social media graphics on the topics of safer gatherings and the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as a guide (including templates) for implementing a “Campus Voices” campaign featuring your students, professors or campus leaders. These materials may be used and customized for your own local campaign needs.

How to use these materials

Refer to this Partner Toolkit User Guide for an explanation of each material type and suggested ways to use them.

Campus Voices Campaign Guide

Using trusted local messengers to deliver key information is a powerful way to draw attention to—and credibility for—your campaign. This Guide provides a step-by-step overview of how to plan and develop your own Campus Voices social media campaign.

Social Media

Conversations About Safer Gatherings (carousel and social video): English | Spanish

How Vaccines Are Made (carousel): English | Spanish

WA Notify / Exposure Notifications - Your Phone Can Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19: English


How to Have Conversations About Safer Gatherings: English | Spanish

Safer Gatherings Example Text Conversation: English | Spanish

Vaccine Is Here (English)

Vaccine Is Here (Spanish)

Bursting the Bubble Myth (English) | Download

Bursting the Bubble Myth (Spanish) | Download

WA Notify User Testimonial (Mark) (English)


Posters (English) - with QR code for easy enabling | Posters (Spanish)


WA Notify Info Sheet: English v1, English v2 | Spanish