COVID-19 Vaccination Verification

COVID-19 vaccination is required by many businesses, events and employers. The following types of proof are accepted in Washington. Some locations may only accept one specific type from the list below.

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

Originals, copies or photographs on a mobile device are acceptable.

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card Sample

Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination or QR Codes

Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination - Sample

Sample A
Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination available from
WA verify SMART Health Card QR code - Sample

Sample B SMART Health Card QR Code
QR Code Endorsed Partner App. - Sample

Sample C
QR Code displayed on an endorsed partner mobile app. (Apps may vary)

WA State Immunization Information System printout

  • Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) forms printed from the Washington State Immunization Information System.
  • Hand-written entries are not considered valid unless signed by a medical provider.
Certificate of Immunization - Sample

What else counts as an official record of COVID-19 vaccination?

  • Verified electronic medical record printout from a medical provider.

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