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Rules in Progress

The rules writing process is open to the public. The public is welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current rules in progress

Opioid prescribing rules

In 2017, the legislature passed Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1427 (chapter 297, Laws of 2017) directing the Podiatric Medical Board (board), along with four other boards and commissions to adopt rules establishing requirements for prescribing opioid drugs for seven health professions.

The board participated in a workgroup task force to develop model rules that each board and commission would then customize to align with the specific practice areas to which they would be applied. With an effective date of November 1, 2018, the board held one of the first rule adoption hearings and adopted rule language that closely mirrored the task force model rules, most notable of which was that podiatric physicians and surgeons would query the Washington prescription monitoring program (PMP) for every second refill or renewal of an opioid medication. Subsequently, the other boards and commissions modified the model rule to require PMP checks at an earlier point of treatment.

The board is proposing an amendment to more closely align their PMP query requirement with the other board and commissions.

In addition, it was discovered after filing with the Office of the Code Reviser there were three typographical errors in three sections of the adopted rules:

  • WAC 246-922-700 – Acute perioperative pain. The model rules developed by the workgroup stated that a “three day supply or less will often be sufficient; more than a fourteen-day supply will rarely be needed.” This language is almost identical to language in WAC 246-922-695 for acute non-operative pain; however, -695 stated “a seven-day supply will rarely be needed.” It was discovered after filing that a copy-and-paste error was made in that the seven-day supply verbiage was not updated to a fourteen-day supply. This proposed rule amendment will correct that error.
  • WAC 246-922-790 – Coprescribing of opioids for patients receiving medication assistant treatment. After filing it was discovered that the title says “medical assistant treatment” when is should be “medication assisted treatment.” This proposed rule amendment will correct that error.
  • WAC 246-922-790 – Prescription monitoring program—Required registration, queries, and documentation. It was discovered after filing that the reference in subsection (8) referred to WAC 246-922-755 but should have referred to WAC 246-922-775. This proposed rule amendment will correct that error.

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