Podiatric Physician and Surgeon - Rules in Progress

Rules in Progress

The rules writing process is open to the public. The public is welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current rules in progress

Health Equity Continuing Education

In 2021, Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5229 (ESSB 5229), codified as RCW 43.70.613, was passed, requiring the Department of Health to create model rules for health equity CE training model rules by January 1, 2023. The goal of health equity CE training is to equip health care workers with the skills to recognize and reduce health inequities in their daily work. The content of the health equity trainings include instruction on skills to address structural factors, such as bias, racism, and poverty, which manifest as health inequities.

The department’s model rules require all health professionals credentialed under Title 18 RCW under the authority of the Secretary that have a CE requirement to complete two hours of health equity CE every four years.

RCW 43.70.613(1) also requires each health profession board and commission under RCW 18.130.040 whose licensees have a CE requirement to adopt rules no later than January 1, 2024, requiring completion of health equity CE training at least once every four years.

The board is beginning the rulemaking process to propose amendments specific to podiatric physician continuing medical education that align with the statutory requirement for health equity training.

Health Professional Monitoring Program

In 2022, Substitute Senate Bill 5496 (SSB 55496) passed that updates terminology and clarifies confidentiality protections. The board is beginning the rulemaking process to amend existing podiatric physician rules to conform to the updated statutory language.

The board has finalized the rules amending continuing medical education specific to podiatric physician and surgeons to align with the statutory requirement for health equity training in accordance with RCW 43.70.613(1).

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