Temporary Worker Housing License Requirements

Who needs to have a temporary worker housing license?

You are required to have a temporary worker housing license when you provide any of the following for migrant farmworkers:

Note: If you provide any migrant farmworker housing, you're required to comply with the temporary worker housing regulations even if you're not required to be licensed.

Why be licensed?

It's the law (RCW 70.114A). Temporary worker housing requires that any and all migrant farmworker housing provided for 10 or more occupants or five or more dwelling units be licensed by the Department of Health. Seasonal inspection and annual licensing with enforcement assures that facilities licensed meet state standards for migrant farmworker housing. Also participation through licensing provides a great opportunity to access the various services provided by the Temporary Worker Housing Program including information, consultation, compliance assessment, tips, and more.

The regular temporary worker housing license is for housing migrant farmworkers while they work in crops other than the cherry harvest or in addition to the cherry harvest.

How do I get licensed?

See our Licensing Process webpage for information about how to get a license.

How do I check my license status?

View your temporary worker housing license status and inspection results.