Temporary Worker Housing (Migrant Farmworker)

Mission and Vision

The Migrant Farmworker Housing (MFH) program at the Department of Health works to protect the health and safety of migrant farmworkers and their family members in their living environment, and our communities.

The MFH program's approach to doing business is consultative and helpful. Our goal is to help people develop, rehabilitate and provide appropriate migrant farmworker housing. And to help operators of housing know what the standards are and how they can meet the standards.

Program staff members work to ensure that migrant farmworker housing meets the state's health and safety standards. Staff members also make sure the standards are met by providing the key services throughout the state:

  • Consultation is provided to growers and others interested in providing migrant farmworker housing.
  • Building department services are provided for a fast and feasible migrant farmworker housing construction process.
  • Licensing and inspection services are provided for maintaining a system of compliance.
  • Investigation and enforcement services are provided to monitor complaints and keep violators in-check.