Temporary Worker Housing - Licensing Process

New construction or remodeling your facility? Before starting new construction or a remodel at your camp, you must submit an application for construction review. The application for construction review must be submitted to Construction Review Services before (or at the same time) you apply for this Temporary Worker Housing license. Follow the steps below to apply for or renew a Temporary Worker Housing license.

Step 1: License Application Packet

We need to receive and process your complete application before your facility can be inspected for licensing or licensed for operation. Mail the following items to: Department of Health, Revenue Section, P.O. Box 1099, Olympia, WA 98507-1099

License Renewals

For renewals, send us the renewal form that was mailed to you, public water system test results, and licensing fee. If you're amending a license (ex. change in capacity or units, or a change of ownership), submit a Temporary Worker Housing Application (PDF) as well.

Step 2: Pre-Occupancy Inspection

Once you complete Step 1 and we've had an opportunity to process your paperwork:

  • Call us at 360-236-3393 and schedule an inspection.
  • Prepare for our inspection. Use the Inspection Checklist (PDF) to find any problems and fix them before we arrive to inspect.
  • Pass inspection. If a Statement of Deficiency Report is required, submit the report (address is listed in Program Contacts).

Step 3: Temporary Worker Housing License Issued

After the above steps are accomplished and approved, the temporary worker housing license is issued and mailed to the operator at the mailing address provided in their application or renewal.