Frequently Asked Questions - Denturist Retired Active License

How do I get a retired active license?

You must first have an active denturist license. You must request a retired active license in writing and pay the retired active status renewal fee. Refer to WAC 246-812-165 and WAC 246-12-120.

How many days a year may I practice with a retired active license?

You may practice only in intermittent or emergent circumstances.

Intermittent means you will practice no more than 90 days a year. Refer to WAC 246-812-165.

Emergent means you will practice only in emergency circumstances such as earthquakes, floods, times of declared war, or other states of emergency.

How do I renew my retired active denturist license?

Denturists must renew their retired active license annually on or before their birthday. They're required to submit the required fee. Please keep your address updated to receive courtesy renewal notices.

Your renewal must be postmarked or received by midnight of the expiration date or it's considered late. A late fee will be assessed. You may pay through regular or overnight mail, in person or online. Your inactive license may be renewed up to 90 days before it expires. You should receive a courtesy renewal reminder six to eight weeks before the license expires. If you don't receive the notice within four weeks of your expiration date, please call 360-236-4700 or email us for help.nbsp;

We can't accept credit or debit cards over the phone. We do accept MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards at the front counter or online.

Checks or money orders are payable to:

Washington State Department of Health
P.O. Box 1099
Olympia, WA 98507-1099

Is continuing competency required to renew my retired active denturist license?

Yes. You must complete 15 hours of continuing competency every year.

How do I return to an active denturist license?

Refer to WAC 246-12-140.