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Rules in Progress

The rule writing process is open to you as the public. You are welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current Rules in Progress

No rules are currently being worked on.

Newly Adopted Rules

Rules Changes for Application, Administrator-in-Training, License Reactivation, Health Equity Continuing Education, and Temporary Practice Permit and New Rules for Retired Active Status License 

The Board of Nursing Home Administrators has recently passed rules that are effective on February 23, 2024. These rules include the following: 

  • Changing application requirements for a recognized institution, as defined in this rule, to send evidence that shows an applicant has received a bachelor’s degree. This also adds to the list of approved organizations that review foreign transcripts, those organizations that are recognized by a department of health board or program.
  • Updating administrator-in-training (AIT) requirements, which include:
    • showing the AIT program as a part of the licensing application,
    • asking for specific evidence with a request that a program be less than 1,500 hours long,
    • requiring a preceptor form for AIT program approval,
    • making both preceptors complete quarterly reports when an individual in an AIT program has more than one preceptor, and
    • requiring the project report to be due ten days before the end of the AIT program.
  • Changing continuing education requirements to require two hours of health equity education every four years. These hours are part of the total 36 hours needed for the continuing education cycle. Free classes that meet health equity continuing education are available on our Health Equity Continuing Education page.
  • Changing expired licenses that return to active status. Applicants that did not meet initial requirements for a new administrator law training, before their initial license expired, must send proof of completing it to reactivate their license.
  • Updating temporary practice permit rules to allow the requirements for an administrator-in-training exemption to be used for a temporary license. This change also allows for a quicker process.
  • Adopting a retired active license that allows individuals to work no more than 90 days in a year or to work in emergency situations. This credential can be issued to an individual who holds an active status and requests in writing to be placed on retired active status.The renewal fee for this credential is $150. 

The Department of Health has also passed a rule for the fee of the Retired Active Status. That fee is set at $150.

For more information, please see the CR 103 documents that include the new language. 

Please direct any questions to us via email.

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