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Significant legislative rule-making process

CR-101 – Statement of Inquiry (Rules under development/examination – stakeholder workshops)

CR-102 – Notice of Proposed Rule Making (Approved rule language, official public comment period and notice of rules hearing.)

CR-103 – Rule making Order (Notice of adopted rules or notice of emergency rule adoption)

CR-105 – Expedited Rule Making due to the limited scope of a CR-105, there is no public hearing. A person may object to the use of the expedited rulemaking process within 45 days after the notice of proposed rulemaking is filed.

Inquiry Phase (CR-101)

Medication Assistance

WSR 22-02-015 (PDF)

Accessible Labeling Standards (Refiled June 12, 2023)

WSR 23-13-035 (PDF)

Access to Drugs

WSR 23-01-111 (PDF)

Suspicious Orders and Zero Reports

WSR 23-10-012 (PDF)

Mobile Opioid Treatment Program Units 

WSR 23-18-046 (PDF)

Transfer Practices (Brown and White Bagging)

WSR 23-20-115 (PDF)

Removing Fenfluramine from Schedule IV

WSR 23-20-119 (PDF)

Dialysate and Dialysis Device Manufacturers and Wholesalers

WSR 23-21-010 (PDF)

Wildlife Capture Drug Classification

WSR 23-21-011 (PDF)

Prescription Transfer Requirement

WSR 23-23-051 (PDF)

Rule Proposed - Pending public rules hearing (CR-102)

None at this time


Expedited Rule – (CR-105)

USP <795> and <797> Incorporation

WSR 23-22-035 (PDF)

Chapter 246-945 WAC Technical Updates

WSR 23-23-153 (PDF)

Recently Adopted Rules (CR-103)

Access to Opioid Use Disorder Medications (implementation of SSB 6086)

WSR 24-01-098 (PDF)

Health Equity Continuing Education Requirements

WSR 24-01-101 (PDF)

Title 21 C.F.R. Incorporation in WA 246-945-040

WSR 24-01-102 (PDF)

Electronic Prescription Waiver Rules

WSR 21-17-062 (PDF)

Retired Active Pharmacist License Status

WSR 23-07-058 (PDF)

AIDS Education Requirements Repeal

WSR 23-09-062 (PDF)

Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Unexpired Prescription Donation Program

WSR 23-11-088 (PDF)

Repealing chapters of rule replaced by chapter 246-945 WAC

WSR 21-05-054 (PDF)

Pharmacy Fee Rules – filed by the department

WSR 21-18-102 (PDF)

Continuing Education Repeal

WSR 23-18-006 (PDF)

Medication Assistance Emergency Rules

WSR 23-23-033 (PDF)

Naloxone as OTC Emergency Rules

WSR 24-01-021 (PDF)

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