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Rules in Progress

The rules writing process is open to the public. The public is welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current rules in progress

EHB 1311 – Apprenticeship programs for SUDP certification (in progress)
The department is developing rules to outline how  individuals participating in an SUD apprenticeship can meet the certification requirements under chapter 246-811 WAC.

A virtual public hearing will be held on July 12, 2022. Department staff members and interested parties worked to draft several changes to the rule chapter to accommodate the requirements of EHB 1311 last fall and the department initiated a cleanup of the rule language to streamline and modernize the rule to be consistent with our current standards. The link to the public hearing is on the CR-102 and stakeholders may also sign up to attend online

Rulemaking is still open, and we are continuing to solicit comments, concerns and suggestions on the draft rule language. Please contact the program manager if you would like to provide input on this rule chapter. If you are unable to attend the public hearing you may provide official comments online

Department proposed rulemaking: National  certification, professions eligible for the alternative path, and housekeeping.

  • The department is opening chapter 246-811, specifically sections "070", "076", and "300" to look at implementing changes and cleaning up the rule. The department would like to address the requirements for individuals holding a national certification coming to Washington from a different state and address a Substance Use Disorder Certification Advisory Committee recommendation to include pharmacists as a profession eligible for the SUDP alternative path to certification. The final section is for the probationary license, specifically to remove the HIV/AIDS education requirement that was removed in 2021 (ESHB 1551) for all professions but was missed in this section.

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