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Regional EMS and Trauma Council Membership

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Eight EMS and trauma system regions are made up of local and regional councils. This component of the trauma system represents local interests, and establishes the development of the trauma system as a grass roots effort. The regions are supported by grants from the state office and are charged with developing the regional plan, regional patient care procedures and prevention and public education programs to address regional injury problems, etc.

The regional plans are the cornerstone in the development of the state's trauma system. These in-depth implementation guidelines and goals are included as separate volumes to this document. They address issues pertaining to demographics, education and training, communication, quality assurance, prevention and public education, prehospital services, acute and rehabilitation facilities and patient care procedures. In short, they address four fundamental questions:

  • What are the causes of trauma and how can they be prevented?
  • Is the region's trauma care system readily accessible?
  • Is the system efficient and effective?
  • What is needed to improve the system?