Printed Materials for Health Care Centers

These materials are intended to be customized for your area, agency or situation. Once updated with the specific information, they are used to let the public know the purpose of the health care center, what to expect and what they need to know after they leave the center.

Health care center fact sheet

This fact sheet (PDF) / (Word) explains what a medication center is and what the public can expect when they are opened in an emergency. The handout in the following additional languages:
Spanish / Chinese / Korean / Russian / Somali / Ukrainian / Vietnamese

Health center information handouts

A template for a handout (Word) of general information is available to use at local health care centers. We recommend local health jurisdictions download and customize this form in advance. Areas on the form that need to be completed by local planners are marked in red. The templates are designed with two handouts per 8-1/2 x 11 sheet.