Resources for Respiratory Protection

These are resources from various sources, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), L&I, NIOSH, CDC, and DOH. It is a mixture of documents that were created to assist you in understanding what is required, tools to help keep you on track, reminders of how to do things, or links to other sites.

Please use these resources to help plan and maintain your facility’s respiratory protection program.


Written Program

Respirator Medical Evaluation

Internet search for respirator medical evaluation resources/companies that provide medical evaluations.

Employee Training

Fit testing



Fit testing videos Trainees must watch the first 3 videos to be prepared for the Virtual Fit Test Training session:

  1. Introduction to Fit Testing (9 minutes)
  2. Equipment Overview (23 minutes)
  3. Fit Testing (29 minutes)

Watch these videos for how to put on (don) an N95, take it off (doff), and do a seal check:

  1. OSHA Respirator Safety video (YouTube, 9:16- includes don, doff, and seal check)
  2. OSHA Donning and Doffing an N95 video (YouTube, 2:02)
  3. OSHA User Seal Check video (YouTube, 4:39)

General resources about N95s and fit testing