Vaccine Ordering, Returns, and Choice

Health care providers in the state who are enrolled in the Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program can order publicly-supplied vaccine at no cost. This page contains information for providers enrolled in the Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program on how to order publicly-supplied vaccine using the Washington State Immunization Information System.

Provider Online Ordering Using the Washington State Immunization Information System

Providers should use the following links to find out how to prepare and place an order online:

Online Vaccine Returns Process

Vaccine Choice

In April of 2011 Washington State transitioned from a Limited Choice state to a Full Choice state. Childhood vaccine choice lets the provider choose products they think are the best fit for their clinical practices and patient needs. In addition, vaccine choice recommendations by the Washington Vaccine Association (WVA) to Department of Health (DOH) are required by the law that created the WVA and preserved universal vaccine purchase in Washington. The WVA recommendation is to allow provider childhood vaccine choice. This method assures broad stakeholder support for continuing universal vaccine purchase.


All enrolled providers in the Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program (CVP).


Enrolled providers have the opportunity to select the brand and presentation of vaccine they receive if there is more than one option for a vaccine type. Vaccines that do not have more than one brand option are automatically on all order sets.


Vaccine choice occurs when a provider first enrolls in the CVP and then twice a year thereafter. Vaccine Choice usually takes place in April and October and is open for a minimum of two weeks. After the Vaccine Choice period ends it can take up to a month to update all order sets.


The preferred submission method is through the IIS Childhood Vaccine Selection Tool, email or FAX. or 360 236-3811 (fax to e-mail) or 360 236-3597

If you have further questions or need assistance, please e-mail: or call 360 236-2829.